Medi-Fischer Engineering has been a pioneer in introducing the refractive technologies to the Israeli market since the 1990s.

The ZYOPTIX® Personalized Vision correction technology already improved the vision of many people and significantly improved their quality of life.

Tens of thousands and more of excimer laser procedures were already performed in Israel with the Technolas excimer laser systems.

New technologies lately introduced by Technolas Perfect Vision are now addressing also the wish of patients to correct Presbyopia.

INTRACORTM, is a femtosecond laser procedure with enhanced capabilities. INTRACOR is the technique that provides flapless intrastromal correction using the FEMTEC® femtosecond laser, to achieve reshaping of the cornea. This can be achieved while maintaining the integrity of the corneal surface.

PresbyLasik -
Excimer correction of presbyopia
An advanced and innovative algorithm has been developed to correct presbyopia using the ZYOPTIX® excimer laser. PresbyLasik consists of a binocular procedure that provides Lasik vision correction for patients with presbyopia and mid-to-high refractive error.