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Water Purification Systems

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Pure Water Systems

Manufactured by StakPure, Germany, you can choose between all types of distilled water systems: type I, type II & type III. With, or without UV, compact, for all needs, like LC, LC/MS, ICP/OES, ICP/MS and more.

Ion Exchangers

Stakpure ion exchangers deliver reproducible demineralized water with a permanently low level of conductivity that remains more or less constant throughout cartridge life and meets all common standards, such as ASTM, CLSI and DIN EN 285/13060.

Conductivity meters

conductivity meter stakpure.PNG

Stakpure Digital & analog conductivity meters monitoring.

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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis removes up to 99 % of all water pollution, such as minerals, bacteria and any further particles. The typical WCF rate (utilization rate) of reverse osmosis systems stands at 70/30 or rather optimally at 75/25. Adaptation of concentrate treatment can increase the yield up to 85 %.

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