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We provide medical experts with materials and equipment for the optimum treatment of burns.

Many lives have already been saved and others became better as a result of using the combination of solutions we place at the doctors hands.

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MEEK Micro grafting

MEEK Micrograft is more than a product. It is a unique technique where research shows that burn wounds are closing twice as fast as with the Mesher, there is a significant decrease of infections.

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Cordless Battery Dermatomes

Humeca designed two cordless, battery operated dermatomes. A small one, the D42 and a larger one, the D80. The D42, a very maneuverable instrument, is an excellent tool in pediatric and general plastic surgery, especially for primary excision and harvesting grafts from curved surfaces. The larger D80 dermatome was developed for more general use.

| Medical Devices| Medifischer| Burncare

Mesher & V-Carriers

Unlike most conventional meshers, where the carrier is moved through the device by means of intermittently pulling a ratchet, the Humeca® mesher is driven by the continuous rotation of a handle. The rotation makes the meshing procedure less time consuming and the design is far more ergonomic. 

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