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Thermal Analysis, Calorimetry & Gas Sorption

We offer a large and diversified line of high accuracy top level instruments for thermal analysis (DSC, TGA, STA, TMA), evolved gas analysis, calorimeters with unique high accuracy 3D sensors, high precision microcalorimeters, gas sorption analyzers and more.

Our portfolio includes instruments for accurate measurements under unique conditions such as wet or corrosive atmospheres, high atmospheric pressure, temperature up to 2400ºC.  

These technologies are developed and manufactured by SETARAM, France - A professional experienced company well known for it's excellence. 

We are also proud to offer the most advanced software packages developed by AKTS, Switzerland. The software's specialize in Thermokinetics, Thermal Aging (both for continuous and discontinuous data collection), Thermal Safety and Reaction Calorimetry.

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Thermal Analysis

Themys & Setline Thermal Analyzers:

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The THEMYS line combines the highest sensitivity, stability and most accurate mass variation measurements. Most solutions within the THEMYS line provide the user with a high level of versatility thanks to a modular design.


SETLINE brings Setaram’s thermal analysis expertise to education and quality control specialists. The range of solutions meet the most important applications, from the acquisition of thermal analysis skills through to basic research and most Quality Control needs.

vices| Medifischer| Thermal Analysis


Calvet Calorimeters

The CALVET line of calorimeters provides the most accurate measurements of Heat, Heat Flow and Heat Capacity (Cp). Their versatile design offer many capabilities including mixing, flow, high pressure, drop or coupling to other instrumentation.

Microcalvet Calorimeters


The MICROCALVET line of microcalorimeters combine the highest sensitivity and the most accurate measurements of Heat, Heat Flow and Heat Capacity (Cp).
Their versatile design enables the testing of solids, liquids, gels or powders and other capabilities like mixing or high pressure.

Gas Sorption

vices| Medifischer| Thermal Analysis

Gaspro Manometers

GASPRO is a fully automated solution for obtaining High Pressure gas sorption properties of materials. It is ideally suited for Energy & Environment applications like hydrogen storage, CO2 capture and sequestration, sorption onto geological substrates, and other porous solid characterization.

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