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Gas generators & Compressors

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Hydrogen generators

Hydrogen generators.jpg

PEM technology (proton exchange membrane) based, maintenance-free, safe and reliable

Nitrogen generators

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PSA technology (Pressure Swing Adsorption) based generators, that allows up to 99.999% pure nitrogen and in sufficient pressure for laboratory uses without the need for additional equipment

Oxygen generators

       Oxygen generators.jpg

·       PSA technology

·       Gas supply without interruption due to cylinder changes

·       Eliminating the risk of cylinder storage and handling

·       No waste of gas

·       Constant gas purity, no risk of contamination of gas in cylinder.

 Air compressors

             Nitrogen generators.jpg

Oil-free Air compressors that are designed as a power supply for a nitrogen or oxygen generator

          Zero air generators.jpg

Zero air generators

produces a continuous flow of hydrocarbon-free air for FID, NPD, FPD, THA, TOC applications

Pure air generators

             Nitrogen generators.jpg

Pure air generators produce pure, hydrocarbon-free, dried air with a very low dew point (-50°C).

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