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Medi-Fischer Engineering is a leader in the ENT-Head & Neck market in Israel.

We offer the ENT specialists the most extensive line of high-end ENT products for surgical and diagnostic uses.

Our product range includes powered tissue-removal systems and other micro-endoscopy instruments, innovative nerve monitoring systems, image-guided surgery systems (navigation systems), radio-frequency generators, implantable devices, disposable fluid-control products, surgical instruments and a broad range of diagnostic equipment for the clinic.

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Surgical Navigation

The StealthStation™ ENT is a navigation system for your most basic to your most complex cases. It is built on decades of scientific, clinical and engineering research. StealthStation™ ENT offers electromagnetic technology that expands what was previously possible with image-guided surgery so you can see more, do more.

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Nerve Monitoring

Intraoperative NIM nerve monitoring systems enable surgeons to identify, confirm, and monitor motor nerve function to help reduce the risk of nerve damage during various procedures, including ENT and general surgeries.

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EleVision IR-Fluorescence Imaging

The EleVision™ IR platform brings high-definition visualization together with fluorescence imaging. So surgeons can see more — and know more. It’s the only visualization system capable of real-time fluorescence signal intensity measurements in both open and laparoscopic procedures.

IR fluorescence imaging has demonstrated positive outcomes in plastic, reconstructive, and minimally invasive surgeries.

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Powered ENT Technologies

The Integrated Power Console (IPC™) system is a multispecialty surgical power console for removing soft tissue, hard tissue, and bone during ENT surgeries.

From inferior turbinoplasties to complex skull base cases, the IPC platform can serve your full range

of ENT surgery needs.

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Otology & Neuro-Otology

Medtronic offers a broad portfolio of ENT products designed specifically for otology, neurotology, and lateral skull base procedures, from tympanostomy tube placement to advanced skull base surgery requiring a multidisciplinary approach and surgical navigation.

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Voice Rehabilitation

Atos Medical is the world leader in laryngectomy care.

The Provox® voice rehabilitation products make people life better day after day. 


Microscopes for surgery and clinics

High flexibility and outstanding optical quality are the strong points of the operating microscope.

The advanced illumination systems of our microscopes provide high color fidelity and clear vision, even in narrow cavities and at large working distances.

The modular design and wide range of available accessories easy allow operation in every situation.

A full range of video cameras, recording, and displaying equipment perfectly complements the optical head.

Reliance chairs

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Reliance exam and procedure chairs offers the long-lasting comfort, style and functionality physicians need to provide patients with optimal care. And because we can offer you the perfect balance of choice, flexibility and guaranteed sturdiness, you get more convenience than ever before.

Whether you are looking for a full power tilt chair or a manual recline chair, Reliance can serve all of your needs. Each chair offers unique attributes, so you are guaranteed to find a suitable fit.

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xCAT IQ- Cone Beam CT scanner

Truly mobile. Xoran’s ultra-compact, mobile, cone beam CT scanner is designed for the neurosurgical suite and neuro ICU. Providing real-time CT scans of the brain and applicable for bone window imaging.

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miniCAT IQ- Cone Beam CT

Xoran’s flagship product, MiniCAT IQ, is an in-office, point-of-care imaging solution for ENT and Allergy physicians.

Thousands of ENTs use Xoran’s MiniCAT because MiniCAT allows practices to provide low dose, contact-free imaging for patients, enables same-day diagnosis and improves treatment compliance.

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