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Taking Samples

Process Safety

For Thermal and pressure hazards evaluation of chemical synthesis (both small and large quantities) we offer equipment from Setaram for performing screening calorimetry as well as Accelerating Rate Calorimetry to simulate adiabatic conditions. 
We also offer relevant softwares from AKTS

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RSC-400 AS

RSC-400 AS is based on two pressure resistant cells, a furnace and pressure sensors.

The furnace can scan temperatures at a controlled heating rate, or keep the temperature constant (isotherms).

The cells allow for samples from milligrams up to a few grams or millilitres.

TAC-500 AS

vices| Medifischer| Process Safety

TAC-500 AS belongs to the category of Accelerating Rate Calorimeters.

They are dedicated to study reactions under adiabatic (no heat loss) conditions.

TAC-500 AS searches carefully for the decomposition of a sample while increasing its temperature stepwise.

It is equipped with pressure resistant cells and pressure sensors.

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