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In today's world, the most important thing is to BE READY.

At Medi-Fischer, our mission is to prepare frontline healthcare workers to be ready to deliver optimal patient outcomes, whenever and wherever they are called.

We deliver hyper-realistic, reliable simulation solutions that enable our everyday heroes to be at their best, the moment they are called upon. 

Emergency & Rescue Simulation

rescue randy.JPG

We offer a wide variety of simulators and models from BLS to ALS and Rescue manikins for both adults and pediatrics.

Our manikins meet the AHA requirements and vary from basic to high fidelity simulations with built in scenarios.

The simulators are mix of trusted and new trainers for developing quick and accurate emergency procedure techniques.

Among our selection there are complete resuscitation systems designed for teaching life-saving techniques for adults, pediatrics and infants.

Our range of Rescue Randy Manikins are useful for simulating the removal of victims from hazardous places and limitless other training procedures. They are used by the U.S. military, fire and police departments, safety teams, and emergency personnel.

Nursing & Patient care simulation

alex simulator_edited_edited.png

State-of-the-art simulators represent patients of all ages for mastering excellent patient care skills.

Among the nursing wide verity is realistic, fully functional, lightweight nursing manikins that come with a superior range of motion and allows students to simulate dozens of nursing and medical procedures.

Our range of models provides students the ability to train in primary patient care techniques.

The Infant & Pediatric care simulators range allows to master appropriate care techniques for younger children.

It includes as well newborn-size infant that allows health care facilities and medical staff to teach special procedures and develop a nursing care plan for special needs infants.

Among our product line there is a patient communication simulator that can see, listen, talk and is built on state of the

art technology.

Obstetrics & Gynecology simulation

birth simulator.JPG

Our range offers exceptional simulators for mastering prenatal, birthing, and postpartum care techniques.

Our OB Delivery Simulation System are birthing simulators that create a new level of physical realism that allows for near-human connection and immersive training and designed to present the complex needs of a growing demographic with unique health and physical challenges.

We offer dedicated models for practicing Episiotomy & Perineal Laceration Simulators.

These Obstetrical simulators offer an unprecedented opportunity for students to master the techniques needed to repair most common birth injuries.

Our gynecology models are used for developing diagnostic skills in gynecologic procedures, anatomical instruction, abdominal palpation, and speculum instruction.

Skills & training simulation


Our Advanced simulators ensure that essential skills are mastered before treating patients.

We offer a diverse model selection for Injection & Venipuncture to administer injections and simulated blood with confidence, suture practice models, wound and skin care, bandaging simulator to master bandaging of surgical wounds, respiratory and trach care for training and practice of vital tracheostomy skills and care for patients with respiratory conditions including instruction for gastrointestinal care procedures through nasal and oral access.

Our specialized scope of models and simulators includes Contemporary simulators for utilizing tools ranging from the most modern imaging equipment to a basic otoscope.

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Anatomy Models & Moulage

Highly detailed models, that is vital for discussions on medical conditions and procedures.

The choice of models includes: Human Skeletons, hearts, Joints, brains, ears, eyes and more.          

We offer a wide selection of wounds, burns, and series of moulage kits and accessories to lend realism to any simulation.

Lung Simulators for Respiratory care

LUSI simulator.jfif

How do you set mechanical ventilation? How do you interpret wave forms? How to do you apply high-flow oxygen therapy? For training and education of clinicians, especially respiratory therapists and intensive care professionals, neosim lung simulators create realistic breathing in health and disease. In contrast to other lung simulators, neosim’s lung simulators are autonomous. They can be treated with all respiratory support methods and automatically respond with outcome.

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