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NMR systems

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60 MHz benchtop NMR series


The only all-in-one, easy-to-use compact NMR spectrometer

· High-performance, multinuclear NMR spectra

· Advanced features and experiments

· Market-leading compact size and shape

· Two models available:
   Nanalysis 60PRO – multinuclear
   Nanalysis 60e – 1H /19F

100 MHz benchtop NMR
The most powerful benchtop NMR available!


· Built on the world’s strongest compact NMR platform: 2.35 (corresponding to 100  MHz NMR).  

· Unparalleled resolution – improved chemical shift dispersion

· Superior sensitivity – run samples at sub mMolar concentrations

· Ergonomic display – large, maneuverable, user-friendly external touchscreen computer

·  Unmatched stability - e.g. vibrational feet, extra thermal regulation

high and NMR.png

High end NMR systems

       400 & 600 MHz NMR systems

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