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MS systems

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8700 SQ GCMS.jpg

8700 SQ GC/MS 
With 8300, or 8500 GC

·       Innovative lens-free ion path delivers simplifies tuning

·       Off axis source and detector increase sensitivity

·       Active focusing Q0

·       Dual filament source increases uptime

·       Extended Dynamic Range (EDR)

·       Compound-based scanning software

8900TQ GCMSMS.jpg

 8900 TQ GC/MS/MS -
With 8300, or 8500 GC

·       Fastest triple quadrupole GC mass spectrometer (30,000 Da/s, 1000 MRM/s)

·       Robust, for analysis of real samples with high sensitivity

·       Most sensitive GC-TQMS

·       Small footprint without compromise on quality

·       Active focusing Q0

·       Compound-based scanning software

·       Easy method development tools



High performance system with most versatile MS


High performance compact mass spectrometers

Most laboratories require the ability to analyze a range of samples using more than one technique for more complete identification and characterization of samples. The expression® CMS integrates with nearly every chemistry technique from the simplest, fastest direct probe analysis requiring no sample preparation to ultra-high performance compound separation with LC integration. The expression® CMS offers the most versatile sample techniques on the market



Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

Advanced ICP/MS with triple cone technology 90° quadrupole deflector. Optional speciation.

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