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Real time Mass Spectrometers 
for Vacuum, Gas, Plasma and Surface Science 

We are proud to offer our clients a full line of  quadrupole mass spectrometers by HIDEN ANALYTICAL, UK - A leading developer and manufacturer for advanced research applications and specialist process monitoring.

Available in a broad range of configurations for gas/vapour analysis, residual gas analysis, plasma ion analysis, UHV surface science, thermal analysis and surface analysis.


Gas Analysis

We offer the industry-leading gas analyzer instruments for precision applications. Real time gas analyzers that address the broadest application range.

vices| Medifischer| Mass Spectrometers

Catalysis and Thermal Analysis

Automated micro reactors and mass spectrometers for catalyst researchers, TPD Workstation, benchtop systems for evolved gas and vapor studies from thermogravimetric analysis ( TGA’s ) and more.

vices| Medifischer| Mass Spectrometers

Thin Films, Plasma and Surface Engineering

RGA, plasma ion analysis, surface analysis and SIMS end point detection are some of the relevant applications for which we offer top quality equipment. 

vices| Medifischer| Mass Spectrometers

Residual Gas Analysis

Accurate equipment for analysis of gas and vapor species in vacuum chambers and processes.

vices| Medifischer| Mass Spectrometers

Surface Analysis

Our mass spectrometry products for surface analysis include for example: Compact/AutoSIMS, SIMS/SNMS Workstation, ToF-qSIMS Workstation, EQS SIMS Analyser.   

Offering perfect tools for layer structure identification, surface contamination studies, and more.

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