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Liquid Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry

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Analytical HPLC
LC 6000 Advanced HPLC series

·  Variety of detectors, such as: UV, Diode Array, Fluorescence and Refractive Index.

·  21CFR11 compliant software

·  Low-volume degassing unit: reduces solvent purging time and reduces the amount of solvent used

·  Plunger wash

·  Manual, or autosamplers options

·  High Frequency Mode (HFM), which utilises a double switching function of proportioning valves.

·   Peltier-Based Heating and cooling columns ovens



High performance system with most versatile MS

Preparative HPLC

S700 Preparative LC series

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·  Stainless steel or biocompatible (PEEK) flow-paths

·  Pumps with flow rate ranges of 150 ml/min up to 1000 ml/min as isocratic or low pressure mixing or high pressure mixing gradient configurations and pressure range up to 400 bar

·   Pumps with a flow rate up to 250 ml/min with optional built-in vacuum eluent degassers and low pressure quaternary gradient mixing as a single instrument module

·    UV/Vis detectors: 1-channel, 2-channel or PDA detector with integrated peak detection and switching valve and/or fraction collector control

·    Single valve and multiple valve units for variable flow path configurations. Functions like reversed flow, solvent recycling, large volume sample uptake, column switching and multidimensional chromatography can be easily configured and automated

·     Fraction collectors configurable for tube, bottle and container fraction collection

Ion Chromatography

S-155 Manual Ion chromatograph.jpg

S-155 Manual Ion chromatograph

For Cations, or Anions 

  S-153 Dual Ion chromatograph .jpg

  S-153 Dual Ion chromatograph

  for Anion & Cations

 S-151 automatic Ion chromatograph.png

S-151 automatic Ion chromatograph for Anions 

S-155 Manual Ion chromatograph.jpg

   S-152 Ion chromatograph  

   for Cations

Fraction collector
S 6410 Fraction collector

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·   Easy to use basic fraction collector for preparative LC/HPLC.

·   A choice of 4 interchangeable tube racks

·   Simple digital I/O and RS-232 control allow easy integration with virtually any preparative chromatography system.

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Automated TLC Plate reader

Plate Express™

Automated TLC plate reader


High performance compact mass spectrometers

Most laboratories require the ability to analyze a range of samples using more than one technique for more complete identification and characterization of samples. The expression® CMS integrates with nearly every chemistry technique from the simplest, fastest direct probe analysis requiring no sample preparation to ultra-high performance compound separation with LC integration. The expression® CMS offers the most versatile sample techniques on the market

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