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Glove Boxes

We are happy to offer our customers glove boxes manufactured by JACOMEX, France. A leader in design and manufacturing of Inert gas purification units, Gloveboxes / Isolators Containment enclosures of all dimensions. We offer all options: standard, modular or customized units according to the customers’ needs.

There are various relevant applications for JACOMEX glove boxes:

High security and depressurized glove boxes are intended to protect operators and are indispensable in any process and when handling toxic powders or dangerous substances.

Pharma isolators guarantee the safety of operators and the environment for weighing, synthesis, control and repackaging of active ingredients, CMR and hygroscopic powders.

Glove boxes with neutral gas purification units, under pressure in controlled atmospheres (<1 ppm H20 – <1 ppm 02), are widely used in research and industry for the development of components involving sensitive airborne materials.


For further information please contact us.

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