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Medi-Fischer Engineering is proud to offer the most diversified portfolio of  products for ophthalmic healthcare professionals. Our approach is to provide solutions for all professional aspects of the eye specialists, across sub-specialties and  from routine eye examinations, diagnosis of eye disorders, through treatment  of disorders and to performing ophthalmic surgery.

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Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed eye surgery in Israel. Our broad range of equipment, instruments, implants and disposable items allows surgeons to optimize their surgery day after day.

From the smallest cannulas through Intra-Ocular lenses (IOLs) and surgical instruments to the most advanced phacoemulsification systems and femtosecond lasers - We are here to light your way!

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Vitreoretinal Surgery

When every little move makes a huge difference you want to have the most accurate tools in hand.

Bausch+Lomb Stellaris Elite Vision Enhancement System is perfect for a wide range of your procedural needs.

With innovative cutting technologies, exceptional illumination, Integrated Laser, Proprietary color filters and a variety of accessories Stellaris Elite will change the way you perform surgeries.

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Cornea & Refractive Surgery

Our line of state-of-art lasers redefine refractive surgery technology. We also offer a complete one pocket solution that include refractive surgical instruments, solutions and disposable items. A complete line of instruments, consumables trephines and punches are available for the cornea surgeons.

Glaucoma Surgery

We gained years of experience at the glaucoma field. Our range of solutions for glaucoma surgery includes various technologies for surgery as well as for treatment and diagnosis. The E2 and E4 systems from BVI,  a leader in ophthalmic micro-endoscopy, are intended for Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) procedure focused on reducing aqueous in-flow. 


Oculoplastic surgery

Our wide range of consumables and instruments provide solutions for oculoplastic, lacrimal , ptosis repair and dry eye.

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Treatment and Therapeutics

Our line of laser systems for eye treatment includes lasers for treating patients in a wide range of diseases and approaches. Yag lasers for capsulotomy, Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) for glaucoma, single spot and pattern lasers for retina treatment are only part of what we can support you with. 

Diagnostic Equipment

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Medi-Fischer Engineering offers one of the widest range of sophisticated diagnostic equipment for routine eye examination as well as for identifying, measuring and monitoring eye diseases in the field of cataract, glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, retina, cornea and more.  
We represent an exclusive group of carefully selected reputable global manufacturers.  You may find additional information on the Eye-care diagnostic and Optometry section of the website.

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