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Medi-Fischer Engineering supplies a wide range of medical tables from C-arm Imaging, Ultrasound and Exam tables.

As well we distribute innovative CT imaging solutions for instant diagnosis at the patients’ point of care as well as products for MRI Patient Care.

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Xoran CT Scanners

Xoran Technologies is the pioneer and market leader in low-dose radiation, cone beam CT scanner systems specifically designed for the patient’s point-of-care. Providers around the world rely on our industry-leading TRON™, vTRON™, MiniCAT IQ™, xCAT®, and VetCAT™ scanners to diagnose and treat patients.

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Oakworks Imaging & Pain management Tables

Made in the USA, Oakworks Medical imaging/pain management tables are rock solid, stable designs that help support safety and excellent imaging. Oakworks has economical and premium models with the features and functionality you require.

Iradimed MRI Patient Care

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IRadimed is a leader in MRI patient care with vast experience in MRI innovation. Iradimed offers the first Non-Magnetic Portable patient monitor and IV pump. As well it developed the first Smart MRI Ferrous Metal Detector (FMD).

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