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TOC & Combustion analyzers

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Manufactured by Trace Elemental, Holland, the TOC, or TOC/TNb is a state of art analyzer. The Xpert enables its user to analyze Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total bound Nitrogen (TNb) simultaneously, within a few minutes from a single injection. This analyzer can be configured as a combined TOC/TNb or single parameter analyzer. Optional auto samplers are available.

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Vertical combustion analyzer Nitrogen Sulfur

Trace Elemental’s  vertical combustion analyzer nitrogen sulfur offers the most features out of the smallest footprint. Completely optimized for your (liquid) hydrocarbon sample analysis. It offers fast combined TN/TS analysis, top detection performances, smart operation features, data-driven robustness, and a fully loaded method library. All in one single configuration. Analysis is conducted according to relevant international test methods, such as ASTM, DIN, ISO, and UOP. Integrated 26 position auto sampler and auto-clean function are included also.


TN/TS – Total Nitrogen & Total Sulfur

This advanced elemental combustion analyzer offers fast, accurate, and precise analysis of liquid, LPG, gas, and solid samples. The Xplorer-TN/TS measures Nitrogen and Sulfur simultaneously. Complies with international standards like: ASTM, ISO, EN and IP.

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TN - Total Nitrogen

The Xplorer TN is an elemental combustion analyzer that offers fast, accurate and precise analysis of Nitrogen in liquids, LPG’s, gas and solids (Total Nitrogen by Chemiluminescence).

TS - Total Sulfur


The Xplorer-TS is the smallest Total Sulfur analyzer available in the market. This advanced elemental combustion analyzer offers fast, accurate and precise analysis of liquid, LPG, gas and solid samples. It is designed to offer standardized and customized solutions to match both current and future analytical needs, ranging from low ppb’s to high ppm’s. UV-Fluorescence detection through high temperature sample combustion is the reference method for determination of Total Sulfur

TX/TS – Total Chlorine & Total Sulfur


The Xplorer TX/TS is a microcoulometric Total Chloride and Total Sulfur combustion analyzer. It blends into every laboratory environment, whether it is for R&D, chemical or petrochemical applications. Solid, liquid, gas and LPG samples; this robust Elemental Combustion Analyzer handles them all. Determination of Chloride and Sulfur concentrations according to Microcoulometry is an absolute technique and calibrating the analyzer is not a requirement. With its low detection limit it is possible to measure concentrations at ppb level.

The Xplorer-TX (MCT) and the Xplorer-TS (MCT) are also available as separate models.


AOX/TOX – Adsorbable Organic Halogens (AOX), TOX, EOX and POX by Microcoulometry

The Xplorer AOX/TOX is made for Organic Halogen analysis. The AOX, EOX and POX modules are easily interchangeable. High throughput AOX analysis is enabled by a unique slider principle, the Xplorer simply utilizes Newton’s law of gravity, by allowing the cup or frit to ‘fall’ into the boat, before entering the horizontal furnace.The Xplorer-TX (MCT) and the Xplorer-TS (MCT) are also available as separate models.

XPREP C-IC-04_small.png


TE Instruments introduces the world’s first independent sample preparation system for Combustion Ion Chromatography analysis: the Xprep C-IC. Besides full control over sample combustion, the Xprep C-IC not only collects the oxidized gas stream, but also automatically transfers a fraction of the absorbance solution to any renowned IC system.

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