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Medi-Fischer Engineering  offers diversified solutions for Emergency Rooms and ICUs.

veinsight vs500.jpeg

Vein Finders

VS500 is the latest model of VeinSight, and it's the winner of Germany Red dot design award. It not only has elegant design, it also has amazing techlology embedded  inside. VS500 is one of the most advanced vein finder in the international market. It has three features that you can not find in other brand, Vein center line, saving vein image and distance indication.

iv pump.JPG

Monitoring & IV pumps

IRadimed is a leader in MRI patient care with vast experience in MRI innovation. Iradimed offers the first Non-Magnetic Portable patient monitors and IV pumps. 


Mobile CBCTs

Xoran TRON is a truly mobile – light weight, easy to position 3D CT. It is specifically designed to fit seamlessly wherever you treat patients. It  provides high-definition 3D CT images in real-time.

Medical Simulation and Training

rescue randy.JPG

We offer a wide variety of simulators and models from BLS to ALS and Rescue manikins for both adults and pediatrics.

Our manikins meet the AHA requirements and vary from basic to high fidelity simulations with built in scenarios.

The simulators are mix of trusted and new trainers for developing quick and accurate emergency procedure techniques.

Among our selection there are complete resuscitation systems designed for teaching life-saving techniques for adults, pediatrics and infants.

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