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Medi-Fischer Engineering  distributes innovative CT imaging solutions for instant diagnosis at the patient's point of care, surgical microscopes with various capabilities and disposables for neurosurgery.

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xCAT IQ CB-CT scanner for OR & ICU

Xoran Technologies is the pioneer and market leader in low-dose radiation, cone beam CT scanner systems specifically designed for the patient’s point-of-care. xCAT IQ truly mobile. Xoran’s ultra-compact, mobile, cone beam CT scanner is designed for the neurosurgical suite and neuro ICU. Providing real-time CT scans of the brain and  applicable for bone window imaging.

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Dura Substitutes and Patches

We offer innovative Dura sunstitues.

Onlay or suture-just choose the way you like it.

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Surgical Microscopes

The HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL surgical microscope system HS 5-1000 consists of the SensoServo-driven HS Hi-R 1000 and the extremely steady floor stand FS 5-33.

The high quality optics allow viewing of fine structures. Their apochromatic properties provide strong contrast and high resolution and prevent color deviations. Superior depth perception is achieved by industry leading stereo base of 25mm.

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